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Questions & Answers (Cont.)
How did The Lighthouse Shelter Start?

The Lighthouse Shelter is a community shelter. It was started by a group of concerned citizens who saw a need for an emergency shelter in the Marion area. Ivan Zwick, a local business man, negotiated a purchase price for a vacant building which had formerly served the community as a nursing home. Mr. Zwick and Sharon Atchison, a former City Commissioner, approached the Marion City Council to ask them to accept ownership of the property if Mr. Zwick and his wife Wanda Zwick donated the funds to allow the city to make the purchase. The Council Agreed.

The Building is owned by the City of Marion and leased to The Lighthouse Shelter, Inc. for the express purpose of operating an emergency shelter.






In addition to monetary donations,The Lighthouse is always in need of volunteers.

The shelter offers many opportunities including clerical work, reception duties, housekeeping, janitorial, mentoring, tutoring children, laundry tasks, assisting with meal preparation and kitchen clean-up.

Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.